Single-component industrial funds


Series code: 270

Single-component compound based on oleophenolic resins and zinc phosphates of semi-liquid appearance. This finishing bottom has high anti-corrosion properties combined with good resistance to atmospheric agents even if left without the finishing hand, it has a high adhesion on metal supports. Superpaintable with oil products.

Available in stock: 

Cod. 270742 Grey       

Packaging: Kg. 5 – Kg.25

AntirustSeries code: 290

Single-component compound based on oleophenolic resins and zinc phosphates. This bottom has high anti-blushing properties, has a high adhesion on metal supports. Superpaintable with oil products.This anti-corrosion bottom can be used directly on clean and degreased iron, even in particularly harsh environments such as mountain and marine environments: Easily applicable after dilution with water-based or synthetic thinner using common solvent-resistant brushes and/or rollers.Available in stock: Cod. 290910 White – 290742 Grey          

Packaging: Kg. 5 – Kg.25

clinging to galvanizedSeries code: 370

Matt single-component anti-corrosion primer, characterized by excellent adhesion on steel, galvanized sheet, aluminum, also suitable on steely iron as an anti-rust, contains zinc phosphates and a high strength and durability on the outside.Ideal as a unique hand product but also as a clinging product, it can be overpainted with single-component and/or two-component finishes

Available in stock: Cod. 370742 Light Grey         

Packaging: Lt. 0.75 – Lt. 2,5

anti-rust kingsSeries Code: B380

Compound based on oleophenolic resins and zinc phosphates. This synthetic rust proof has very rapid drying and high adhesion on metal supports. It resists overpainting with nitro products, rapid drying synthetics, polyurethanes.Product for general use, industrial carpentry, industrial bodywork, agricultural machinery, machine tools.

Available in stock: Cod. 380742 Light Grey – 

Packaging: Lt. 0.75 – Lt. 2.5 – Kg. 6 – Kg. 25

Item Code: 666711

Cold galvanizing is an excellent protective for iron surfaces that can be used as a direct finish or as a bottom layer to be covered with finishing products. It is a product that contains a high presence of zinc that gives it a high anti-blush protection capacity. Particular additives that allow a perfect integration between substrate and support allow in the contact area the formation of an alloy of the two metals. The appropriate choice of vehicle allows zinc to truly behave as an anode of cathode protection. The additional presence of inhibitory pigments, in carefully studied quality and quantity, enhances the anti-blushing properties of this product. As already mentioned above, this fund has excellent anti-redness properties also ensured by a pure metallic zinc content with a dry value approximately 90%.

Available in stock: Cod. 666711 Grey – Packaging: Lt. 0.500 – Lt. 2,500